Perry & Sons Grille, Friendswood, TX – Restaurant Review


It seems Bob and I have been eating out quite a bit lately. Thank goodness some of it was excellent. Others were adequate. I can say up front that Perry’s was excellent. Perry’s is a local restaurant and market that is one of a chain in Houston. The Friendswood location is our favorite.

It is an upscale restaurant with excellent service and a nice menu for anyone interested in a leisurely meal. Even when there are a lot of patrons it is rather quiet and the lighting is subdued. I love the atmosphere, the attentive wait staff (sometimes a little slow depending on your server), the fresh baked hot bread and butter, and the yummy sides like Fried Asparagus with crab meat. The best part is their steaks are consistently above excellent. For us that is an anomaly. It is the only restaurant we can rely on for quality steaks cooked to perfection. The steaks are pricey but there is a rib eye steak sandwich that is a great steak and within the price range of most. It is served open faced so it is like ordering a regular steak.

For Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday night) Bob and I popped over to Perry’s, maybe 5 miles from our house, for our indulgent dinner before Lent. We went to get him barbeque because that is one of his favorite foods. I was not particularly hungry so ordered light, chicken fried steak with salad. Bob was loaded for bear and ordered the Five Peppercorn Steak with salad and baked potato, so much for barbeque. The sauce was divine and the steak was tender with beautiful grill marks and pink with no blood. Needless to say half of both our plates came home because we were determined to have our dessert. He ordered Chocolate Mousse cake and I had chocolate dipped strawberries – both scrumptious. We finished those there. After that we were ready to fast the next day.

It is really nice to have such a nice neighborhood restaurant available close to home. I once asked how they managed to have such consistently well cooked steaks and was told the chef had been with them 14 years so he had mastered the art. I am here to tell you I am a believer.

If you are in the area, give Perry’s a try. I think 4.5 Stars is a good indication of what you can expect at Perry’s in Friendswood. When speaking with the Big Cheese, Charles Goode, regarding use of the picture from his website, he suggested I check out the newest member of the Perry family of restaurants in San Antonio. It is gorgeous!

Ya’ll have a down home delicious day now, and don’t forget to fast on Fridays during Lent!

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Ya’ll have a down home delicious day now and come back to see us again soon!

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