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Diary of a Home Cook

Today I had a minor medical procedure done and my doc said I could not have anything fried or spicy. Duh!! There went 90% of my favs. It doesn’t matter how minor the procedure was, I wanted to be spoiled and comforted. I moseyed around for some time trying to figure out something quick and tasty since I have not had a meal today and it is already in the evening. My husband repeatedly offered to go pick up anything I wanted but nothing fit.
Finally, in a blinding flash I had my answer. Grits and eggs. Being a southern girl I grew up on grits and love them dearly. I keep a box of instant grits on hand in the pantry for just such times as this. So what did it take, approximately 5 minutes to fry (oops) up 2 eggs – maybe we could use the word sauté to make it legal – and microwave a serving of grits with butter. I slid the eggs on top of the grits, cut the eggs up and stirred and heaven was just a fork away. Now that I am diabetic I no longer have toast and jelly as a regular addition. Today I was semi-honest and stuck with only grits and eggs. It was, as always, delicious and satisfied my itch for comfort food. The best part of it is it is healthy, definitely better than a burger and fries (oh, no fries today).
Another day behind me with minimal cooking. When we have had a nice lunch we very often have grits and eggs, and maybe bacon, in the evening and it is a great ending of the day for us. If you prefer, you can fix instant Cream of Wheat. I ate that as a girl only back then it wasn’t instant. CofW just doesn’t do it for me these days. Have to go with the grits. Anyway, think about it. Give it a try and maybe you will find a new fast food to help you out in a crunch. I guess I could have poached the eggs to be totally legal but that never crossed my mind.

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Ya’ll have a down home delicious day now and come back to see us again soon!

Peggy Sholly

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