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Sometimes temptation is just more than I can handle. Bob and I had already decided we would not spend a lot of money on a Valentine meal out. Then I got this email about Pappasito’s Valentine special and I was hooked. It wasn’t just because they had filet mignon fajitas, or because they were serving chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. It was because both of those coupled with grilled lobster and shrimp was too much to resist. I have this love of lobster that makes me crave it from time to time. It is so expensive that I can’t justify it most of the time. My hubby tells me not to worry about the expense but it is hard to swallow knowing how much each bite costs. We have the money but there are people starving out there and I am selfishly spending more on one dish than they may have for food for a month. Doesn’t go down well for me as a regular choice.
Good news! The Pappasito’s meal was decently priced and had everything I love on it. There are several Pappasito’s in Houston and a variety of Pappas restaurants. We have found that not all Pappasito’s are created equal. Happily we found that the Pappasito’s on 610 Freeway by Reliant Park has consistently tender fajitas so we make the extra drive to get the better food. Of course, nothing is perfect. I much prefer the salsa at the one close to us. The fajitas win out every time.
We finally decided to take advantage of the great price and the foods we love and went to Pappasito’s today for our Valentine meal. We were delighted with the quality and quantity of food we were served. It included filet mignon fajitas with vegetables served in an impressive presentation on a hanging skewer (not shown in picture) and it was cooked perfectly, so tender they melted in our mouth. Also on our platter were regular beef fajitas, caramelized onions, grilled peppers, and other vegetables, 5-6 brochette shrimp, and a nice sized grilled lobster tail split in two. Our sides were Mexican beans and rice, guacamole and pica de gallo plus unlimited chips and salsa. All for a total of $44.95 for both of us. Happy Valentine’s to us!! Bob said it was by far the best meal he has had there and was hungrily eating all he could. When we finally cried uncle and asked for a to go box the strawberries arrived and were beautiful as well as delicious. There were 4 large berries dipped in milk chocolate on a beautiful presentation plate with a tower of whipped cream in the center of the plate. I love pretty food and this was fantastic. Bob asked the waiter to bring a to go box because we would only eat one berry each and take the other two home while I more realistically said, “Forget the box.” Needless to say, we scarfed down those berries with a smile on our face. The good news is that chocolate dipped strawberries do not mess with our sugar levels since we are both diabetic. Fortunately my hubby and I have some foods and restaurants we both enjoy and this is one of them. Their menu just happened to bring any of our favorites together in one meal which made our satisfaction quotient ring the bell. And we had so much food to go from Pappasito’s that we did not have to cook dinner either. You can bet there wasn’t any lobster in that to go box, just fajitas, a couple of shrimp and some of the sides. Still it was double our pleasure.

Corey, our waiter treated us as though it was his special privilege to tend to all our requests and needs even though he had several tables to serve. He was so good with a smile on his face the whole time that we called the Manager over and gave her a personal Kudo for his great customer service. Our Valentine meal cost 1/3 as much as the least expensive of the other Valentine menus in Houston. And we loved it all. I had perused the Valentine’s selections in town and saw that most began at $65 per person as a minimum with others up to $95 per person and we did not like everything on the sparse menus. I am not cheap but I like to get what I pay for. Okay, so our meal was not romantic. But delicious trumped romantic and we still have Valentine ’s Day to deliver the romance. Other restaurants in Houston claimed to be romantic but left a lot to be desired in my mind. We do have special plans for THE day geared to my husbands choice. I will share about that after the fact.
I have been so excited that I had a genuine good review to share with you that I was anxious to write this up as soon as possible. Now you have it. I do hope your holiday is as perfect as mine is shaping up to be.
Have a down home delicious Happy Valentine’s Day ya’ll!!

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Ya’ll have a down home delicious day now and come back to see us again soon!

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