Chicken Soup with Rolled Dumplings

chicken and dumpling soupA tried and true comfort food, not only will this recipe satisfy your deep hunger, it is also good for whatever ails you. My children jokingly faked coughs and colds to bribe me to make this dish. They love the chicken soup alone but prefer it with dumplings. If you don’t have time or desire to make soup but crave the dumplings, use 8 cups homemade or high quality canned stock to boil the dumplings (throw in a little cooked chicken if you have it available) and enjoy. The dumplings are excellent alone or as a side dish.

  • 1 3-4 pound fryer chicken, cut up; or 8 chicken pieces of your choice
  • 1 (14-ounce) can chicken broth
  • 16 ounces water
  • 2 stalks celery cut in 1” lengths (or 1 teaspoon celery seed)
  • 1 small onion, minced
  • 1 tablespoon minced garlic
  • ½ teaspoon dry parsley flakes or ¼ cup fresh parsley, minced
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • ½ teaspoon pepper
  • optional vegetables, fresh or canned (drain canned vegetables before using);
  • mushrooms
  • carrots
  • green peas
  • whole kernel corn
  • mixed veggies

The day before or several hours before prepare rolled dumplings and allow to dry.

When dry put chicken in a pot and cover with broth (or combination of water and broth) with about 2 inches of liquid above chicken. Add celery (or celery seed), onion, garlic, parsley, salt and pepper. Bring to a boil over high heat, reduce heat to low, cover and boil gently for 1 hour. Remove chicken pieces to large bowl and remove skin and bones when cool enough to handle. Return meat to pot.

After dumplings have dried sufficiently, Slice dough into narrow strips (about 1” wide). Tear strips into 2-3” pieces as you drop it into simmering soup, cover and let simmer for 10-5 without removing lid. Noodles will be tender and delicious.

This is also a lovely substitute dish for those who crave chicken pot pie but don’t want the work. It is more time efficient and equally delicious all year round. Another spectacular meal for you, your family and/or friends.


Peggy Sholly
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Diary of a Home Cook


Diary of a Home Cook

Welcome to my diary of a home cook blog designed to get your thinking cap on and your creativity humming or simply entertain you for a few minutes. I’m Peggy Sholly and I have been cooking for some 60 years now so I have had my share of success and failure. I authored the successful cookbook, Down Home Delicious. It is followed by “A Taste of Down Home Delicious” on Kindle which has 25 sample recipes from the original hardback, and there is a third in process. I love most foods and my favorites will become apparent. I don’t have a lot of pictures yet because I must depend on others to take the pictures. I wish I could photograph my foods but that is not where my talent lies. Maybe this will be the year I will take a photography course. Hmmm.
My husband and I travel and I do our own personal restaurant critiques which I will share with you from time to time. I will name the restaurant if I have something good to say but will not identify it if my critique is negative. I love to share my cooking and eating adventures with anyone that is up to listening. I truly do love to cook and am interested in most things cooking related. I get a lot of ideas from others but tend to do my own thing. I do hope you will enjoy following along with my journey.
Now that I am retired I have more time to check in on the myriad of cooking shows on television. However, I find they do not give you a reality for home cooking and what “normal” is for the home cook. First of all, we home cooks don’t have someone in the background prepping everything for us so that all the ingredients can be picked out of the refrigerator and pantry cleaned and orderly. We also don’t look like we just walked out of a fashion show. I often cook while still in my p.j.’s and really need to wear an apron more. My mother arose at 5 a.m. every morning and got her dinner started. She was a whiz in the kitchen but let’s be realistic, I am not getting up with the birds to cook. Not unless it is an emergency. We all have our kitchen challenges and likes and dislikes. Since cooking shows don’t give it to you like it is, I am going to give you my own little home cooking reality show in narrative form. We will build upon my shortcuts and recipes little by little. I can’t tell you everything in one day but will endeavor to give as much information as possible without being boring. This is how I teach my own family to cook so welcome to my extended family.

If you have questions about the meal of the day or cooking in general, please write me and I will answer as many questions as possible right here on the site and sometimes to your personal email if I have the address.

I don’t cook everyday because there are times my hubby and I eat when we are out running errands. But most days I do cook, just as I did when my family was at home and I am hoping you may enjoy and profit from getting a sneak peak. Some days I will share “cook without recipes” cooking adventures and other days I will provide a formal recipe for you. I hope you enjoy reading about our meals as much as I enjoy sharing them with you. And even though I don’t cook everyday it will be insightful for you, dear reader, to follow the reality of this down home delicious home cook. And if things go the way I plan, you too will become a cook without recipes cook confidently mixing and matching flavors to prepare your own signature dishes. Once you learn the basics you can do almost anything with flair often saving time and money along the way.
Take today for example. My cooking was predetermined and very delicious although I did not use a recipe. Anyone can do this type of cooking if you have the desire. One of my ways to save time and money consists of buying a rotisserie chicken. I personally like the ones from Sam’s Club. I remove the breast and freeze it for chicken salad another day. Or make the chicken salad first and save the remainder of the body for soup or a quick rice dish. This way I spend $6.00 on meat for 2-4 days. (You may choose to make a smaller recipe using only ½ breast. Either way you have several days meals from one $6 chicken.) We purchased our chicken while out shopping yesterday with a plan to make soup or chicken salad. Today I was in the mood for soup and here is how it went down.
After freezing the breast, I put the remainder of the chicken, piece by piece, into a large pot. I added ½ cup chopped onions (prechopped from store), 2 tablespoons minced garlic (prepared from store – I keep a large jar in the frig), half of a 10 ounce can of Rotel tomatoes (I like spicy but regular canned tomatoes work just as well and the Rotel just happened to be left over from yesterday), a 3 pound can of Swanson chicken broth and 2 cups water into a large pot. I turned the heat to high and brought it to a boil then turned the heat to low, covered the pot and let it simmer for an hour or more. This draws all the flavor from the bones and makes for a yummy and healthy broth. All of the amounts and times are negotiable so feel free to do what works for you. While chicken boiled I did my laundry and other chores that had piled up.
After the chicken cooked in the liquid for an hour I used a slotted spoon and removed it to a large bowl and turned off the burner. The chicken cooled until I could handle it to remove the bones, skin and fat from the meat. I returned the meat only to the pot, turned the burner on high again and rummaged in my freezer to see what I had available to make soup. I really love Fordhook Lima beans and found ½ bag, also a ½ bag of soup vegetables and a little dab of English peas. All this was tossed into the hot pot, liquid brought back to a boil, then heat turned down and vegetables allowed to simmer for about 20 minutes.
This type of cooking is so easy because I can multitask without having to watch the clock or being chained to the stove. When the veggies were partially cooked I added 6 small pieces of frozen corn on the cob into pot and ½ cup pasta from pantry. The pasta I use, Dreamfields, is specially engineered to be good for diabetics and is a blessing to my diet because I am Italian American and LOVE pasta.
The pasta took 9-10 minutes, same as the corn takes when added frozen. When the pasta was cooked the soup was ready and my oh my was it yummy!! I like to put about 1/3 cup shredded 4 Cheese Mexican Cheese in the bottom of my bowl before I add the hot soup. It is so delicious. We feasted on this meal for lunch and will enjoy it again for dinner. Since I made a very large pot of soup I usually freeze the extra for another day or, if hubby wants it two days in a row I just put it in frig. The second benefit of this type of cooking is there is so little clean-up. My husband cleans the kitchen and appreciates all the help he can get.
After we had our early lunch, I called my neighbor who works full time and offered to share. She ran over with a bowl and returned home happy and smiling with her lunch for tomorrow. Before she left I told her about how easy it is to make a scrumptious apple tart and she literally danced home saying she was going to make one tonight. I’ll share that with you the next time I make one for myself.
That is how my cooking goes at home. It is easy and often without use of recipes, always healthy and delicious…except for when I get weird and try something really off the wall. My husband is kind and forgiving when I mess something up. It’s not often, he loves all of it, I am the one that is hard to please.

Anyway, that is it for today. I have an angus rump roast waiting in the refrigerator to be cooked tomorrow and my mouth is already watering. I adore oven roasted rump roast because it requires such little effort, has so much flavor and is so tender. It is one of my favorites. I think I have some Brussels sprouts in the freezer, salad fixings in the frig, and two nice red potatoes, for roasting, on the counter. All quick and easy and tasty as can be. Hope you are having something delicious and easy. I’ll check in with you tomorrow…hope you are having a “down home delicious day”. .
Ya’ll have a down home delicious day now and come back to see us again soon!

Peggy Sholly
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