Let’s Celebrate Memorial Day With Gratitude and Great Food


I must confess that Memorial Day in my family was always one of big celebration, barbeque or seafood boils (crab, crawfish and/or shrimp) or picnics. Unfortunately, because we had little contact with anyone in the military we didn’t spend any time memorializing the fine men and women that gave their lives for our country.

Memorial Day should first and foremost be a day of remembrance and a focal point of our coming together to honor those who gave their all, to celebrate their gift of life given so that we the citizenry of the United States can enjoy the freedoms and privileges that were paid for by their sacrifices. The fact that it is a three-day weekend sometimes distracts from the solemnity of the occasion. There is no reason, however, why a holiday cannot include a time out for thanking those who died and this year we plan to do just that. My husband is a Veteran and we will fly our flag, spend a few moments in prayer and be thankful that those who fought and died enabled us to have a country that permits us to live freer than anyone else in the world.

Why don’t you do something similar, maybe even more.

To add to your celebration, I am going to work my way towards Memorial day with a series of great recipes for your get together of family and friends. Some of the goodies on the menu are Southern fried chicken Corn Salad, Seafood boil with red cocktail sauce and tartar sauce, Carrot Cake, yummy shrimp dip, Tater’Umpkin Trifle, jambalaya and more. Kinda makes your mouth water doesn’t it?
Stay tuned, the next blog will begin the recipe trail to Memorial Day. I hope you will share some pictures with me after your celebration so we can post them on the blog site. Be safe and have fun!
Ya’ll have a down home delicious Memorial Day honoring our fallen heroes followed by pigging out at the picnic, or on the patio, or wherever your celebration takes place. Please try to remember “portion control” while you are at it, yea, right!

Peggy Sholly
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