Eggzactly Right Fried Eggplant

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Fried Eggplant


Serves 2

  • 2 large eggs
  • ¼ cup of milk
  • cooking oil
  • 2 cups of cornmeal (approximate)
  • 2 medium eggplant peeled and sliced to ¼” thick slices
  • salt and pepper

Stir eggs in small bowl and add milk. Mix well to form a batter.

Cover bottom of large skillet with ¼-inch cooking oil and heat over burner.

Spread cornmeal onto waxed paper. Dip eggplant slices into batter on both sides and place on cornmeal spread. Lightly salt and pepper slices before turning over for second side cornmeal covering. After covering both sides of eggplant slide with cornmeal, place into hot skillet.

Cook eggplant slices until facedown side is golden brown and turn. When both sides are golden brown, take up from the skillet and let drain on a sheet of paper towel.

After draining, put on a plate and serve. Eggplant can be served hot or cold and can be refrigerated covered for 2-3 days.

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