About Peggy

A southern girl through and through, I was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana among amazing American, Italian, Cajun/Creole and southern cooks of all ages.

I married while attending LSU in Baton Rouge. For the next 38 years I enjoyed life as a wife and mother, successful business woman, public speaker, international tour administrator, guest columnist on local newspaper, as well as author and director of spiritual retreats with considerable involvement in additional community activities. In the early years of my marriage we hop scotched around the United States finally putting down roots in Pearland, Texas outside of Houston where I have resided for 32 years now.

Many people paint, write or whittle things. My passion is cooking. It has many faces and places in my life. Some days cooking provides a healing touch; in my kitchen that includes varieties of homemade chicken soup, lasagna, or oatmeal cookies. At times, cooking is therapeutic; chopping, stirring and blending whatever is in the pantry or refrigerator, the process releases pent-up emotions in a productive manner, soothing the wounded soul. When I am bored I work on creating a new recipe or a new version of an old one. Always satisfying, cooking takes me back to my childhood in my Italian American family as I make a large pot of Suga (slow cooked Italian tomato gravy). Or I may throw together an Ultimate Chocolate Indulgence cake or chocolate dipped strawberries to delight my husband. If I’m really in “the zone” I may prepare a dish of lasagna for neighbors or guests, or cook “special request” jambalaya or etoufee.

Ten years ago, I found myself once more in the ranks of single women. While taking writing courses and scratching a lifelong itch of writing a book, I met and married a gentleman equally interested in writing. He encouraged me to document my burgeoning personal collection of recipes in a legacy for our combined large family.

With my business background, it didn’t sound like too daunting a task. However, as word of my project spread to friends and family of friends the demand for copies grew. My business experience and natural talents prepared me for writing, authoring, publishing, and marketing a successful hardback cookbook with the help of my husband and daughter. Down Home Delicious®: Spice up your life with incredible Gulf coast cooking is the result of the merging of these forces.