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Today we had errands to run in downtown Houston so we planned to try out a Spanish restaurant I was told had great Paella. I love trying new restaurants even if I am disappointed quite often. Even when the food doesn’t measure up there is something to take from the experience.
One of my favorite foods is Cajun Jambalaya which has its roots in Spanish Paella. Jambalaya is most popularly made with chicken and Cajun sausage and is spicy. It can also be made with a variety of other meats like ham, shrimp or pork and/or seafoods. Paella is the same but has a saffron rice base with a few green peas and is more yellow or golden than Jambalaya which is tomato based and red.
Last week we had tried a Spanish restaurant that looked very good on the internet and had a note that their Paella had been an award winner. The restaurant was run down and the Paella was awful. I could not eat it and just left the whole thing. Because of this, I wasn’t very optimistic about this new Spanish restaurant. My friend had recommended it to me because her sister had eaten there and said the Paella was excellent. So we went.
When we entered the restaurant I was relieved. It had a nice ambiance, was medium sized, and downtown close to where we going for our errand. We chatted with our waitress about menu items, I already knew what I was having but we wanted tapas also and my husband was not interested in Paella. We decided to share an appetizer of fried potatoes with an aioli sauce. That proved to be a wise move on our part because the Paella took forever to be served. When my Paella arrived it looked pretty good but still a little questionable. I had asked not to have mussels and there they were, looking up at me. Fortunately, the mussels were good. So were the shrimp, fish and clams but the escargot was tough and there was a lot of escargot in the dish. It was far too large a serving for one person so I took most of it with me. The rice was not up to par. I can’t quite describe what was wrong with it other than the consistency was off. It was not my best experience and I would give the restaurant two stars because the Paella was better than the previous restaurant and the ambience was good but all else was mediocre. I suspect I will have to make my own Paella.
My husband ordered a beef filet dish which he said was okay. The potato patty on his plate had a strange flavor and had grapes in it. Go figure. The spinach was over seasoned for our taste but could have been correct for the Spanish taste.
I must admit we did not give up that easily. We ordered dessert, Apple Tart. It too was average and a disappointment. I hope you don’t think I am too harsh a critic. There are many places I love but I am trying to find some new ones for when we indulge ourselves and my quest is proving to be disheartening to say the least.
We had a lot of to go food for dinner so I did not cook at all today even though the food did not improve when reheated. We will not go there again. Sometimes its better to cook than to be so disappointed in your meal and waste money as we did on this outing.
Since my husband has no interest in Paella I will have to wait until someone that does joins us for dinner. When I prepare it I will give you more information on the dish and am confident it will be much more delicious than the dishes at the restaurant.

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