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Diary of a Home Cook – Rump Roast

Today has been a lazy day. Went to early church and then to IHOP with friends for breakfast. Ate too much – nothing new about that. Hmmmph! Good thing I had today’s meal mapped out in my head already. I lazed around until around 2 p.m. because we were so stuffed from earlier. When I did get around to cooking the meal was delicious. We had rump roast with pan gravy, Brussels Sprouts cooked with bacon, and baked potatoes. Simple and simply delicious and satisfying. No recipe needed.
Most people, I am told, are intimidated by oven roasting a roast. That is, for me, the epitome of easy and I will walk you through it. It is helpful to have some background information on how to pick your roast. Let me mention here that the quality of your roast is directly proportional to the quality of your meat. I never fix a roast that is not angus. Ifind that it is the only beef that is consistently tender. A roast needs to be a minimum of 3 or 3 ½ pounds and will provide several meals unless you are voracious meat eaters. Plan on at least ½ pound meat per serving.
That being said, I preheated my oven to 450 degrees and took out my pan. You can use any pan that has some depth to it. My husband requests that I always line the pan with foil to facilitate less clean up for him and I do that, shiny side down. Then I place a rack of some sort on it and spray all with oil. If using a rump roast try to get one as square or rectangular as possible so meat will cook evenly. A meat thermometer is good for the novice but I simply cook my roast 30 minutes a pound so that it comes out medium which is for me pink inside. If you are new to roasting meat ask your butcher about the cut of meat you are considering so it will be appropriate for dry heat roasting.
Next I prepare the meat. Starting with the bottom of the roast (the top being the part with the layer of fat unless using a prime rib roast where the bones are the bottom, I dust bottom and sides with garlic powder (not garlic salt) and coarse ground pepper. Then I spray bottom and sides with oil. It has taken longer to write this description than it takes to prepare the meat for roasting because of its simplicity.
Flip the roast over and place on rack in pan. Dust top with garlic powder and pepper then spray well with oil. That’s it. It is ready and the remaining work belongs to the oven.
Place pan with roast on middle rack in preheated oven. Roast for 30 minutes on 450 degrees then turn temperature down to 425 degrees for remainder of time (remember it is 30 minutes per pound so if your roast is 3 pounds you will cook it at 450 degrees for 30 minutes and then at 425 degrees for one hour, and so on.) Roasting the meat at 450 degrees to begin with seals in the juices.
While the meat roasted I prepared the vegetables. I do not like Brussel Sprouts but my husband loves them so I have to compromise and do something to them to make them edible for me. I had some bacon in the refrigerator that needed to be cooked so I put the frozen sprouts in a pot with a steamer basket and a couple of inches of lightly salted water and cooked them for around 10 minutes. While they steamed I cut my bacon in pieces and fried it in a large skillet until almost done. I drained the sprouts and put them on a cutting board, cutting each one in half. Then I put them in the pan with the bacon, adjusted seasonings and stirred and tossed until bacon was fully cooked. Taste test said they were yummy! I turned off the heat and let them sit until roast was ready.
Since my washer and dryer are next to the kitchen I was doing laundry during my free periods. Sometimes I read my book, watch television, or visit with my hubby while the food is cooking. A good timer is a definite plus so that you don’t lose track of the time. I have burned more than one dish in my day by getting caught up in a phone conversation or otherwise occupied and lost track of time. There is also the leaving of the timer in the other room while I go about my business and then can’t hear it when it rings off. No matter how polished the cook, we all have our days and our glitches. One of my favorite memories is of watching Julia Child set her skillet on fire while she was cooking on television. She was caught off guard and bumbling around and I loved it. It made me feel so much better about my errors.
With the sprouts cooked and the roast still in the oven, I washed my 2 medium red potatoes (better for diabetics) and used a knife to make a slit through the center. When the roast was finished cooking I popped the potatoes into my microwave, set it for ten minutes and let them cook while the roast rested. It is important to let your roast sit at least 15-20 minutes before carving so the juices will not run out.
While the potatoes cooked I set the table then I plated the roast and poured the pan drippings into a Pyrex bowl. I stirred 1 tablespoon cornstarch into 1 cup cool water and added it to the pan drippings, adjusted seasonings and heated it in the microwave for 45 seconds on high. When I removed the gravy from the microwave I whisked it to remove any lumps and put it on the table.
It may not have been a fancy meal but it was definitely delicious and we thoroughly enjoyed it. My husband was full of compliments which is my indication of a successful meal. If he won’t eat it you KNOW I have made a serious bad.
This meal took me about 2 hours because my roast was a little over 3 pounds. It was leisurely cooking and practically effortless. The best part is, we have enough meat left over for another meal plus several sandwiches. That means less cooking in the days to come.
If I was an employed person cooking in the evening I would sit down and put my feet up while the roast cooks, …just don’t forget the timer. The cook deserves to take care of herself as well as provide healthy meals for her family. The scent wafting throughout the house gets everyone ready to eat and tends to entice even picky eaters to the table. This meal is so simple even a teenager or non cooking spouse can learn to prepare it. Do yourself a favor and share the duties so that you will have even more resting time for yourself.
Well, that was my cooking spree for today. I am none the worse for wear. My hubby and I are quite content and all I can think of now is that apple tart I have been wishing for. However, Super Bowl is on so there will be no more cooking tonight. Maybe tomorrow. We’ll see.
Hope your team wins! Have a “down home delicious” day and let me know what you are fixing at your house. .
Ya’ll have a down home delicious day now and come back to see us again soon!

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