What is this Thing Called “Home Cooking”?


What is this Thing Called Home Cooking?


And how do you entice harried business people to run home and cook for themselves and/or their family? That is a loaded question. Having been in the workforce when I had children at home makes me an empathetic home cook. I am retired now and no longer want to cook every day. However, I was thoroughly impressed recently when the young receptionist at my hair salon told me she cooks everyday for her family because she freely chooses to do so.
Over the holidays we visited with my husband’s brother and his family. His brother does the majority of the cooking in his home, because he loves it, and is quite good. #2, the name he chose because of his birth position in the family, has developed his own recipes for much of it. He is very adept at cooking over an open fire or on the grill with his latest expertise to surprise me being “make our own home pizza.” Now that I have sampled it and reflected on it for a while I feel certain it would be a great investment of time and money for the family cook.
#2, has his own pizza stone and wooden paddle and has fashioned his crust recipe from a collection of several. I am here to tell you it is nothing short of fantastic. The crust on my pizza was the thinnest a crust could be without having holes in it and beyond crispy – each person received a ball of dough and made their own pizza. We had quite a variety of tastes and everyone was completely satisfied with their creation. #2 will be retiring this year and plans to build a brick oven in his back yard for his pizza and bread making, and who know what else??? If it was no longer just my husband and me I would invest in these items and be on my way. Sure beats the pizza parlor or frozen variety. It is definitely cheaper and more healthy, rather simple and a lot of fun. Think about it and maybe I will be able to wiggle his dough recipe out of him and even a few hints for success.
In the mean time, here’s to a delicious 2012 and lots of health, wealth and happiness.
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