A Wealth of Blessings

I am grateful for a wealth of blessings I have received (including 5 awards for the cookbook) and weary of the continuous drain on my old body, whether it be through illness, relationships, brand infringement or anything else.  I moan and grumble and share that with you just to remind you that we all suffer in this life, some more silently than others.  All a person has to do to recognize how blessed they are is to follow the news on the internet.  I have gone from being depressed by it to using it as a prayer time and commending all to God’s Mercy. I have great hopes and expectations for living even more deliciously this New Year and I hope you do also.  I sense it will be a banner year and you will be with me all along the way!!

I plan to get back to blogging regularly as soon as I get comfortable with my new blogging service.  And, of course, the cookbook will demand a certain amount of my time.  The difference this year is I am going to focus more on pampering me and my soul than I did last year.  I will strive to face life more gently this year rather than plowing into it heart and soul.  Now that I have my bathroom remodeled with a new whirlpool tub (that’s a whole not so smooth other story) in place I will spend more time pruning (getting wrinkled from so much time in the water) and relaxing.  We began early by enjoying my most simple Christmas ever.

I thoroughly expected to spend my Christmas sad and pining over all my family who were not with me. Instead I was really able to focus on the reason for the season rather than who was doing what and what needed to be prepared.  Surprisingly the peacefulness of our day and the ability to be flexible and decide what we wanted to do from moment to moment was refreshment to my soul.  I have been disenchanted with Christmas for many years now.  Mrs. Claus does all the work and Santa gets all the credit.  That quit being fun a long time ago.  This Christmas I thought I was just bailing but upon reflection found I finally celebrated Christmas as it should be, alone in the manager with Mary and Joseph and the baby Jesus.  That is what Christmas is all about after all.  It is celebrating the birth of Christ.  Santa popped up some time ago and took the focus off Jesus’ birth and onto frenetic gift buying and cooking and families getting together for not always such happy times.  I enjoyed going back to the real celebration and will be much more present to it next year now that I rediscovered the secret to the reason for the season.  It was always there in my face.  I couldn’t get my mind around it even though my spirit knew something was amiss.  The peace of Christmas came shining through this year and what a blessing.

I need more of that and will do my best to indulge my spirit in a year of renewal within for myself and my hubby.  I want to make it a gentle year, one that I remember as a time of renewal that restores my spirit and body for my next 20 years.  You know, when you get our age things creak more and don’t take kindly to overdoing the stress or long hours.  Because cooking is also a form of therapy for me I always have a way to deliciousize the moment.  It’s amazing how great food cooked with love at home can be so down-home delicious while nurturing and healing life’s ills by flavoring the moments with love.  My family recognizes the love put into preparing special dishes for them and the warmth of the love put into the preparation strengthens and nurtures them.

I do have a couple of unfinished remodeling jobs to be done to bring my home up to date and they could mar my quietude unless I am very, very careful.  I will still cook abundantly and share my newly acquired recipes with you.  It will, hopefully, be minus the chaos of 2009.  It was good to run away from home to Qatar for a few months in 2009 and who knows what quests we may have this year.  All I know is that I will try not to throw my whole person into them and overdo as before.  Maybe you will also strive for a gentler year in 2010 and share with me your successes and potential roadblocks.

~ Peggy