Welcome to Living the Down Home Delicious Life

Grab a cup of coffee, sit with me a few minutes and enjoy a yarn that rambles from distress to miracles.   My life is never boring.  It is full and fabulous (another way of saying “delicious”) and its a joy to share the ups as well as the downs.  You won’t be weighed down with the mundane but carried along with highlights and some delicious new ideas for your menu.  The end of my year begins with a loud grump then rambles through good tidings, recipes, and the expectation of a wonderful 2010.

Being a passionate Italian Momma (I got the Italian genes and my sister got the Scotch Irish genes) probably has a lot to do with my zest for life.  Consequently, I am quite emotional and spiced most of the time.  (If you have not read my previous blogs I suggest you check them out at www.downhomedelicious.com in order to catch up with me.

When I am happy, I am very, very happy.  And when I am irritated I have to work at keeping it to a mild rumble.  That being said let me tell you what has flicked my bic lately.  I have a service on Google that allows me to see each time the name Down Home Delicious shows up and I am aggravated to the nth degree.  It seems that now that I have an award winning cookbook with this name, everybody and her dog is using my brand name to describe their product.  To hear them talk, all food that is ever cooked is “down home delicious.”  NOT!  Even Zagat is using it in their reviews.  With others using my brand indiscriminately it is extremely annoying.  I mean, after all, I am proud of my book and our accomplishments, but recognize I am small beans compared to some of them.  I researched the term very carefully before I chose it for my book and it was available for my title.  Now…oh my!!!  Every day more and more people connected to food on the internet are labeling their own food and recipes “down home delicious” whether it is home cooking or restaurant fare.  Hmph!!  Since the term is legitimately my brand and trademark I am researching and investigating what can be done.  I have started sending each person a note asking them nicely to discontinue their use of the phrase.  I even have the big dogs going after my little name.  I wonder if Paula Deen and Rachel Ray have this problem?  Now a lady with a PBS cooking show, videos and many other endeavors, has chosen to use my brand for her recipes, as have several others who are using a dash (Down-Home) to put the name into their use.  She is too classy a lady to have done this intentionally, so I have written to her asking politely that she discontinue use of my trademark and expect she will be cooperative; but how frustrating.  Get in line is all I can say, mine is the real stuff original and the rest are simply wannabe’s.  The only way your food can truly be down home delicious is if it is a recipe from my book.  But there is hope!  If everyone on my mailing list would send something out to everyone on their mailing list and they would send it to their mailing list and so on and so on it would help – that’s a lot to ask but stranger things have happened for others.  Maybe you would be so kind as to ask your friends and family to dive into the truly delicious life in 2010 by starting the New Year with a copy of Down Home Delicious for themselves or a gift for someone else.  Every little email helps – and cc me – I would love to thank you personally for your help and send you a little giftee.  I could also use some new 5 star reviews on Amazon if you have not written one yet – that is great for pushing a product.  You can help me fight the big dogs (and not so big dogs) with your loyalty and assistance.  If you have any other suggestions I would love to hear them.  All I really want to do is sell my remaining books, without being buried under the big names, is that too much to ask? This is where my faith comes in, both in God and in my friends, for help to move my books in spite of the competition using my brand.  I am reminded of the movie of the guy who invented the windshield wiper and how he had to fight big business to get what was rightfully his.  I can’t go that far at this age but with a little help from others I can prevail.

Aside from that, I am delighted to close the door on 2009.  It was a demanding year both physically and emotionally.  I have a truly charmed and delicious life with a most wonderful husband but past that there have been many ups and downs and turns in the road that drained and depleted me, the brand infringement being the least of them.  It is enough to be aging and getting wrinkled, I don’t have time to worry about this also.  This is why I have not blogged this past month.  At the end of this year I endured, and not always quietly, one illness after another with many pulls on my patience and resilience.  I know everyone understands because we all have these challenges, especially as we enter the “elderly” years.  They are the fabric of life, a journey that stretches and pulls on our person to grow, quite like gravity.  Each blessing in my life was countered with a corresponding challenge.  The last time I had such a difficult year was the year I separated from my husband and boy was I glad when that year was over, this isn’t even anywhere close to that but I am weary!  Now I find myself looking forward once more to a new year and new opportunities.  Bring it on universe, I am ready to shine!

~ Peggy